[Advaita-l] Shankara's amazing poetic imagination - The Jagadguru expounds

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The write-up is by my friend Sri Nataraj Maneshinde, a young Engineer from


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> Shankara's amazing poetic imagination -  The Jagadguru expounds
> Here is a video of the talk (in Kannada) of the Sringeri Acharya where he
> brings out just one example of the amazing poetic imagination, kalpana
> shakti, of Shankaracharya:
> http://www.mediafire.com/file/a93f8rrrsup8hfg/Shankara%27s_
> poetic_skill.mp4
> One can definitely enjoy the above exposition as much of the content is in
> Sanskrit.
> This is what the Jagadguru says:
> Shri Shankara’s kavita shakti is simply indescribable. His stotraas like
> ‘Shivaananda lahari’, ‘Soundarya lahari’ and many others, are not mere
> descriptions, but are ingrained with amazing poetic imagination. A poet is
> extremely skilled in ascribing amazing imaginations to even small things.
> This Kalpana Shakti was abundantly present in Shri Shankara.

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