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It may take a long time for books to reach you. Many online purchases like
in Amazon also take a long time. I have placed order many times in Amazon
website and got the delivery after 20 days also. Because India is a
developing country it will take long time. It is not like in USA -
overnight delivery. Courier service is very slow here. In big cities the
traffic is so heavy even to deliver in same city they are taking 2 days.
They are saying if you yourself come and pick up it will be fast. It is
ridiculous. Kindly be patient and wait.

Another problem I faced is if the book is out of stock they will wait to
get it and then send it. This also happens many times. Be patient.

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> Hari Om,
> Namaste.
> A. We wanted to buy few books of Jagad Guru Shankaracharya Swami Shree
> Nishchalanand Saraswati ji, Puri.
> We contacted govardhanpeeth.org and govardhanpeeth.org told us to place
> order through the following link
> https://www.odishaestore.com/odia-writer-nishalaananda-saraswoti
> Accordingly we placed order for the books through above website, as
> directed by govardhanpeeth.
> Amount is paid and the online payment details are given below.
> Date : 20 Dec 2017
> TRANSFERRED TO -INB Alfa & Omega Multiservice- 6618682731IGACOPQFU3   Rs.
> 728.00/-
> The books are not yet delivered.
> B. Contacted  www.odishaestore.com, no response from them.
> Contacted govardhanpeeth.org and we were told that they are looking into
> it.
> C. Appreciate any help in this matter.
> thank you and regards
> -- durga prasad
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