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> Namaste,
> For the benefit of non-tamil readers, can anyone tell the gist of this
> post?

Dear Murali,

Apologies for not giving a more detailed gist of the Tamil post.  Here it

Sri Sarma Sastrigal, a learned vaidika residing in Chennai, was into active
paurohityam till very recently.  A couple of years back, he recalls an
incident where he had gone to officiate at a 80th birthday function where
Rudra Ekadashini, etc. are the main events. At about 9.30 AM when the first
leg of the chanting was over, there was a short break and the man of the
function, 80 year old, approached Sastrigal and said: The whole day's
function will get over only by about 3 pm. Shall I take a break for
maadhyaahnikam?  (this is a sandhya worship of the mid-day). Sastrigal was
really moved by the shraddhaa of the aged gentleman. [Many people skip
this; why, even the sandhya in the morning and evening too.]

There was a camp for enabling those needing corrections in their
sandyavandanam mantra-learning. People would have been doing the ritual
mechanically not knowing whether the mantras they chant are free of errors.
Just to help them be reassured of their chanting, a camp was organized
where many, from 8 to 80, from all over the country, even vaishnavas, had
joined putting behind their inhibitions. One young man, visually
challenged, had also participated fully in all the segments of the
workshop. It was only towards the afternoon session that most participants
took notice of this differently-abled person and awestruck at his interest
and involvement.

Sastrigal advices: If at all one wants to learn or get corrections, please
approach your family Vadhyar, with no feeling of shame. Instead, 'better
late than never should' be our attitude.

Sastrigal has conducted several such workshops for amavasya tarpanam,
panchayatana puja, even for just the apparently insignificant aachamanam
and parishechanam (done prior to taking meals.)  Visit his YouTube
collections here:



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