[Advaita-l] Dying to Live Peacefully - III

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Yes Sir,                   Fully agreed with Sh,Jaladhar's views.Geetha just shows the direction only, One has to find out the truth on their own, why we are borned? What for we borned? What is the purpose/objective of Life?How to go head? How to pass through difficult situations, for this GITA is BIBLE.As Vyas ji rightly points out that it is Krishna i.e Universal Master will show the direction/Guidance but it is the Individual's effort to full fill the KARMA, Practicing the meditation, Cutting of the bondage's by own, Crossing the Samsara again with the help of the 'Sri Guru', there by making the pavement towards the path of Liberation.
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> Bhagavat Geeta is from Mahabharata and Geeta is essentially a manual of 
> living beautifully and peacefully to ultimately to arrive at peace that 
> passeth understanding. Geeta, in essence, provides the discusses how to 
> live peacefully according to sanatana dharma perspective. 

!!!  Let's not forget Gita took place on the eve of an ugly war in which 
lakhs of people including virtually the entire flower of the ruling 
classes were killed.  The Gita is many things but peaceful it is not.  And 
note Arjuna is perfectly willing to give up his kingdom, wealth etc.  It 
is Krishna Bhagavan who dissuades him.

The Mahabharata, particularly if you read the original, does not shy away 
from acknowledging the neegative consequences of the Pandavas actions. 
Nevertheless it was the right thing to do.  What the Gita teaches is how 
to develop the mental equanimity to do the right thing even when it may 
seem to be wrong.

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