[Advaita-l] Is it appropriate for Sants (eg. Yogi Adityanath) be in Politics?

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True,important point is that he is not a dasanAmI sanyAsI. He is a nAtha
There is a difference between sanyAsI and a yogI, though one implies
another as per gItA.
the difference is in their approach. An advaitin will leave his bodies to
Ishvara and not interfere with it except for survival, whereas, a yogI will
master his bodies and will transcend beyond it after tuning with the

Paramhansa Yogananda will not have cancer and leave his body at will, while
Sri Ramana Maharshi had cancer. this does not mean one is stronger than
another. An advaitin simply does not interfere with body and accepts it as
it is as s/he sees body itself as a disease on Atman.

I have heard that Sri Yogenndra ji of The Yoga Institute, Santacruz
(Mumbai) was once stopped to enter in his house by a bouncer. He simply
lifted him and threw him to a side and entered his room. Once Sri Ramana
Maharshi's ashram was robbed and Maharshi was beaten. When asked why didn't
you raise your hand in self defence, he simply replied, 'It is their job to
fight and to loot, not our's'

I feel, as per situation, dharma has to be changed as adopted. Certain
leniency has to be given in rules.


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> I had written this article when Yogi Adityanath had become the CM-"Yogi
> Adityanath as CM: Can a Sannyasi take up Kshaatra role?"-
> http://indiafacts.org/yogi-adityanath-cm-can-sannyasi-take-kshaatra-role/
> Regards,
> Nithin
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