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Just thought of clarifying what I am saying. Although Bhartrprapancha is favouring jnana-karma samucchaya, it can be reconciled under the vyavahara plane as described by Bhaskarji. So why didn't Shankara consider it as mere prakriya bedha?

praNAms Sri Aditya Kumar prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If you see samanvayaadhikaraNa bhAshya ( the 4th sUtra of brahma sUtra) bhAshyakAra talks about the doctrine of the advaitic school which while endorsing that brahman is to be known only through the shAstra and at the same time insisting the importance of meditation (dhyAna) and not mere knowledge is the means to mOksha.  Which shankara refutes dhyAna being purusha taNtra which can be kartuM, akartuM or anyathAkartuM shakyaM.    And in ArabhaNAdhikaraNam (2-1-14) shankara takes the doctrine of bhartruprapancha (though the bhAshyakAra explicitly does not mention it, the bhedAbheda taken for refutation can be inferred is that of bhartruprapancha).  And as I said earlier, in the pUrNamadaH shanti mantra ( see 5-1 etc.) in bruhadAraNyaka again bhAshyakAra takes this school of thought for refutation. 

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