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What Venkateswaran ji quoted is: uurjam vahantiiramrutam ghrutam payah
keelaalam paristrtaggusvadhAstha tarpayata mey pitruun.   Let all my pitrus
be sated by the ...offerings I give. Also we have ' deva pitru kAryAbhAm na

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> Addressing a pitR as vasu-rudra-Aditya is as per the karta's context only,
> and not the absolute status of pitrus.
> praNAms Sri Venkateswaran prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Thanks for the clarification.  Yes, from the tarpaNa vidhi it is clear
> that deceased soul's status is not absolute in pitru lOka it is in the
> context of kartru status varies.  BTW, I am not able to read your Sanskrit
> quote that line appeared with full of computer characters.  In the
> Apasthambha (Yajurveda)  or AshwalAyana (Rigveda),    here in South India
> smArta tradition, tarpaNa vidhi ends with a shloka meant to shorten the
> tarpaNa vidhi.  In case we are not able to give tarpaNa by saying their
> gOtra, nAma etc. to all the deceased,  then we say : A brahmastambha
> paryantaM devarshi pitrumAnavAH, trupyantu pitaraH sarve pitru
> mAtAmhAdayaH, ateeta kulakOteenAM saptadveepa nivAsinaam A brahma
> bhuvanAllOkAdidamastu tilOdakaM.  And if we donot know gOtra etc. to give
> tarpaNa, then we chant some other shloka and squeeze the water of upaveeta
> or vastra on the ground.  If you are quoting that shloka then that shloka
> did not say anything about 'katru based pitru status'.  Please clarify.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
> The following final tarpaNa given by yajur vedis also exemplifies this.
> ऊर्जं वहन्तीरमृतं घृतं पयः कीलालं परिस्त्रुतम् । स्वधा स्थ तर्पयत मे
> पितॄन् ।।
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