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Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Tue Sep 19 07:07:12 EDT 2017

Hare Krishna

Sorry to pose a question relating to karma kAnda.

Today being mahAlaya I was giving tarpaNa to my parents / dvAdasha pitru tarpaNa and all the known deceased relations.  While giving tarpaNa as we all know we give tarpaNa to vasu, rudra & Aditya rUpam  or rUpAM.  Is these pitru-s irrespective of gender (stree / pum) will be in vasu, rudra and Aditya form only??    And all the other deceased relations we give tarpaNa in vasu rUpaM / rUpAM only why it is so??   Even though they are in rudra rUpaM or Aditya rUpaM when their respective son / grandson/ greatgrandson  performs shrAddha or giving tarpaNa.  For example, today I have given tarpaNa to my maternal uncle (mother's elder brother - sOdara mAva in Kannada) by saying vasurUpaM svadhAnaM tarpayAmi..but he and his son too  passed away long back and my maternal uncle's grandson giving the tarpaNa to his father as vasu rUpaM  and grandfather as rudra rUpaM and greatgrandfather as Aditya rUpaM  by saying vasu, rudra or Aditya  rUpaM svadhAnaM tarpayAmi !!?? can a same soul be in vasu rUpaM,  rudra rUpaM and Aditya rUpaM depending upon the tarpaNakAra & his relationship with the deceased soul ??

Those who know dharma sUkshma may  kindly clarify.

My special request to Sri Anand Hudli and Sri Ramakrishna Balasubramanian prabhuji-s.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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