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Hare Krishna

Also, in स्वाध्याय ब्राह्मण (द्वितीय प्रपाठकं) of तै०आरण्यक​ vide 15th anuvAka, there is a rik that says: The words 'न अश्लीलं कीर्तयेत्' implies that one should not point out & discuss the bad deeds of vedic scholars & acharyas.  "तस्मात् ब्राह्मणेभ्यो वेदविद्भ्यो दिवे दिवे नमस्कुर्यान्नाश्लीलं कीर्तयेत्"

>  We chant this mantra during the brAhmaNa namaskAra along with bhAgadaivenaM praNayati, brAhmaNa Arusheya uddharet. brAhmaNovai sarvA devatAH..etc.  

>  And now, the question  is does the shishya though should not point out and discuss the bad deeds of vedic Acharya or his  guru, continue to be his shishya??  When the socalled 'guru' proved as  an impostor without 'walking the talk' just carrying the extra data of adhyAtma and related issues in his mind and delivering it in flowery language just to appease his own materialistic demands, what sort of adhyAtmika pragati, a shishya can expect through this type of guru's grace??  Yes, that shishya should not  talk about ill deeds of this person, but IMO, it is not a wise decision to continue his shishyatva with him.  If the sAdhana saMpat is lacking in him, shAstra is the mere topic for delivering lectures and gaining royalty what is the point in doing jignAsa under the guidance of this person??    If he is durahankAri, don’t have the vivechana of do's and don’t's, durmArgi though he is a guru need to be ignored...says some dharma shAstra?? Manu dharma shAstra?? I don’t know the reference but read it somewhere. IMHO,  andhAnukaraNaM not recommended in jnana pradhAna adhyAtma mArga.

Kindly correct me if I said anything wrong.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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