[Advaita-l] The safe way

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Fri Sep 15 03:15:13 EDT 2017

praNAms Sri Praveen prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Perhaps my last mail to you with regard to my personal opinion on you:

And for what its worth, I don't fall for praises I am unworthy of; instead, I'll take that as arthavAda or sarcasm which is more likely and move on.

Ø   I really regret that my sincere adorations fall in the category of sarcasm.  On a personal note, whatever I said in my previous mail, I said it with my whole heart (hrutpUrvakavaagi heLida maatugaLu…if you know Kannada)   and I really mean it nothing exaggeration in it.  Is there any exaggeration in saying you left your job and dedicated whole time in pursuing vedAnta??  Is there any arthavAda or sarcasm when I said you studied the bhAshya of shankara in a traditional way and you have a traditional mind set ??  Is there any unnecessary  ‘mukha stuti’ when I observed that you are a Sanskrit scholar when myself and list observed your clarifications in the list  on various Sanskrit grammar subtleties ??  Yes, to be frank with you I was sarcastic some time with regard to your stand / viewpoints  which opposes to mine  but I never ever make a sarcastic personal comment on any of the true and dedicated sAdhaka-s like your goodself when I myself severely lacking those qualities. Anyway, if at all you think my comments are personal aimed towards you my apologies that was not my intention at all.   As a matter of fact,  I am a Kannada medium student, always struggle to express my feelings in foreign language.  And I said this before also somany times.

And considering that our discussions have also ended up in bitter taste, I prefer not to indulge myself in it again, since we have no common ground to discuss.

Ø     I understand that and hence due to my limitations I stopped talking vedAnta with you long back prabhuji to avoid further damage to our relationship.  Don’t you think we can still be a good cyber net friends barring our differences??  If I don’t deserve your friendship at least put me under the neutral category without treating me as your shatru prabhuji??    I hope you would accept my request.

Ø   My final praNAms to you …May the almighty bless you forever.  if god wills we shall meet again prabhuji as you will always be there in my heart _/\_

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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