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Yes, karma phala saNyAsa yOga would help us to do the nishkAma karma.  But karma saNyAsa (physical saNyAsa) too strongly preferred in shAstra / bhAshya though it is not compulsory to do the brahma jignAsa.  saNyAsa as an ashrama would create a conducive atmosphere for the mOkshArthi to do the brahma jignAsa in a shAstric and in an effective way.  This type of saNyAsa is vedOkta ( since shruti like jAbAla shruti explicitly explains the procedure of taking physical saNyAsa) and highly recommended for the very serious brahma jignAsu.  Absolute renunciation is very difficult to achieve being entangled in samsara hence physical saNyAsa is preferred says bhAshyakAra somewhere.  By the way prabhuji, I am not able to make out the meaning of this word 'REUNICATION' is it renunciation what you are referring here?? Please clarify.  Anyway, at the end you said renunciation of karma, hence I thought of sharing my views on karma phala sanyAsa and karma saNyAsa.  I think we have discussed the topic : ' the role of saNyAsa as Ashrama in the pursuit of jnana mArga ' here in this list.  Kindly search the archive you will find the relevant threads.  

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Dear Friends,                      Today when I was reading some article in times i found this very interesting as we can elaborator and discuss with the help of some science. Some times the concept of REUNICATION is misinterpreted as giving up the good things of life to adopt a life of deprivation & misery. As we should always believe  " Don't Give up"  in any worst situation as the times moves & comes back, it is natures play. Renunciation is not giving up the things which we do, it is moving up to far more doing & reaching our lakshsya. In  this process we may fall short to the target, but we will reach it, it is certain. How we will reach is that by doing dynamic action in spirt of renunciation with the diving help of the guru.
For a Devotees Question, once sir Ramakrishna Replied, Creation is from the joy and not for the joy.
Reunication is giving up the residue of grudges, prejudices and hatred to live life of freedom, happiness which leads to one's growth. When a caterpillar (Gongali purugu) transforms into a butterfly (Sitakokachiluka), its darkness & Limitations vanishes. Although the genomeis different is both , but the proteome is different as it is dynamic. Some proteins are responsible for its colour and flying wings of the butterfly. If we becomes like this, we experience freedom, joy, cheers and live life effortless excellence.
The fifth chapter of Gita talks about four type of people, i.e Bhogi, Yogi, Sanyasi & Jnani.The Jnani is a river, never bound by the world and can reach destination of the infinite bliss. As he movesup he is more successful, experience greater happiness and gains more power. He can only Operate with the body, mind and intellect when needed and can keep quiet in the infinite world when not needed as others are stuck in the world.
In the path of Spiritual Journey,  you become free from agitation, sorrow and can be realised from the baggages of the past by developing quality vision towards all and remain unaffected by fluctuations in the world. As  we look outwards for happiness, you remain unhappy. Once you start looking inwards you experience peace. Once you realise that our atman is brahaman we get infinite bliss.
Final message is that we should stop the face born of desire  with the intellect and as we reduce the no of desires we improve the quality of the desires and change the direction. Then we are ready and prepared for meditation which leads to liberation.
Any learned members may contribute their views for 'Renunciation of Karma'Source: TIMES

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