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BG verse 7 / 22 ('sa...taan') indicates the higher nature of BhagavAn holding sway over the lower nature. In 'Shiva purANam' it is Shiva and Devi in Devi MahAtmyam. Because of this para-apara understanding the Hindu (vedaantin) very easily attributes the 'paratwam / saRveshwaratwam' on any name and form and happily prays.
For the 'Abrahamic' religions this will be anathema. They will have to struggle hard to interpret their scriptures non-dually. May be the socio-economic factors in them restricts the scope in their spiritual interpretation.
Thanks Subbu Ji for the video which answers the question - which is the Supreme deity of Hinduism - simply and effectively.
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The video reflects Shankara's Vedanta.  His various works like Soundarya
Lahari, Shivananda Lahari, stotras on various gods and especially the
Vishnusahasranama bhashyam and the Prapanchasāra.  The last mentioned work,
being authenticated as his by himself in the Nrsimhatāpinyupaniṣad bhāṣyam
where he cites from there extensively, and authenticated by none other than
an early Advaitin, Sri Amalānanda in his Kalpataru and even cited from, and
a later Keralite scholar Sri Narayana Bhattatiri (of Nārāyaṇīyam and
Srīpādasaptatiḥ), the Prapanchasara contains verses that teach that almost
every deity in the Hindu pantheon is upāsya and can confer mokṣa too. Other
Advaitin Acharyas who have held the same idea are Sri Vācaspati Misra,
Sarvajñātman, etc.

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