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  << We all (seekers of the Truth)  know that neither the appearance of the
world  (names, forms & functions) around us nor our perceiving or even
experiencing them as they are is not samsara. Our own superimposition  of
undue values, attraction or fantasy towards the pleasant and the fear or
aversion of unpleasant cause sufferings, lacking and missing in an ignorant
person’s  life is only samsara. This ‘blessed’ feeling of lacking’ itself
should teach a thinking person that he or she is ‘complete’ as otherwise,
every ignorant person will be comfortable with ‘incompleteness’, isn’t it?.

If the above is not a fact, from where the attraction towards likings and
aversion towards the dislikes come? >>,

All these come later to and consequences of the fundamental wrong
understanding of “ I “ itself.   Improper understanding of “ I “ is the
fundamental adhyAsa. All others are consequential to it.  SamsAra cannot be
overcome along with its roots  by any logic  or reasoning.  Correct
understanding of “ I “ is the necessary and sufficient condition for
escaping from samsAra along with its roots. That correct understanding is
achieved ONLY through shravana/manana/nididhyasana.  This is the Sidhanta
cryptically stated  through the verse

<< brahma satyam  jaganmithyA  jIvo  brahmaiya nAparah >>



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