[Advaita-l] DSV in the advaitasiddhi: no anavasthA doSha in dRShTi-sRShti

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> I am simply refuting your dream analogy. Since dreams are dRShTi, which
> involves Consciousness qualified by a vRtti, one cannot get away from
> anavstha as charged in nyAmrita.
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> Well, the proof is in the pudding! DS works exactly like a dream. If there
> is anavasthA in DSV, then the same anavasthA would make dreams impossible.
> But, we all know dreams occur.
Well, anavastha dOSha is precisely defined as 'mUlAxaya pareem prAvuHu
anavastam Hi dUShaNam '.  Meaning, given anavastha is said to be dOsha only
if the final result in such anavasta is an impossibility or wait till
eternity for the loop to end.  apramNika padArtha kalpana dhAra

Series such as dream experience, beejAnkura or chicken-egg are not such
dOshauktha anavastha-s. Because series of these anavasta are given fact (a
pratyksha) and the effect (of series) has already taken place.  Anavasta is
said to be a flaw only in if a argument is extended to support a human
proposed vAda. DSV is one of them.


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