[Advaita-l] DSV in the advaitasiddhi: no anavasthA doSha in dRShTi-sRShti

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> The vRttis arise from avidyA, which is one of the six
> anAdi entities admitted to be outside the scope of DSV type of creation. So
> there is no anavasthA.
What do you mean by outside the scope of DSV?

When you say avidya is anAdi, do not assume it exist from anAdi times. Do
not forget, one of the definition of mithyatvaM is it is a pratiyOgi for
negation at all three times (past, present & future). Since anAdi is time
aspect of past and present, such anAdi six entities are equally
non-existent as you are suppose to do niShEda in the past.

By simply taking avidya (and other six entities) outside of scope of DSV
will not protect them from definition of mithya.  So you have to admit,
either DSV is short of covering all mithya entities (avyApti dOSha), or
call those six entities are not mithya.


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