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>  There will be Adhikari Bheda according to
> capacity. Once Sankaracharya and Madhvacharya were walking together and
> they became very thirsty. They came to a village but only liquor was
> available but no water. They both drank that liquor only and quenched the
> thirst and proceeded. After walking some distance they became very thirsty
> again. They came to a village. In that village only red hot melted iron was
> available. Sankaracharya drank it but Madhvacharya could not drink it. A
> Parivrajaka Sanyasi will not make any difference between nice things to
> drink and bad things to drink. He must have that capacity.
Keeping aside this silly svakapOlitha story about Shankara and Madhva, this
adhikAri bhEda proponents has to answer this objection --

Is this bhEda tAtvIka or adhyAsa?

It couldn't former, because you as an advaitin you are ill-afford to posit
eternal status to bhEda.

If it is adhyAsa, then you are the loose grounds. You are arguing (and
refuting your opponents) based on imagined non-existing grounds of adhikAra
bhEda. For any vAda to sustain, the hEtu should be accepted as tAtvIka by
both the parties.

I am not even sure this "adhikAri-bhEda" is classical advita argument. But
you know, I am still a student!


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