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Namaste to all.
Hari Om.

We all (seekers of the Truth)  know that neither the appearance of the world  (names, forms & functions) around us nor our perceiving or even experiencing them as they are is not samsara. Our own superimposition  of undue values, attraction or fantasy towards the pleasant and the fear or aversion of unpleasant cause sufferings, lacking and missing in an ignorant person’s  life is only samsara. This ‘blessed’ feeling of lacking’ itself should teach a thinking person that he or she is ‘complete’ as otherwise, every ignorant person will be comfortable with ‘incompleteness’, isn’t it?.   

If the above is not a fact, from where the attraction towards likings and aversion towards the dislikes come? A baby is neither afraid of a snake nor attracted by currency. (though every jiva is comfortable with pleasant and uncomfortable with pain). Is ‘Ragha & Dweshas’ are also beginningless ? Or should we conclude that everything related to ‘samsara’ are various aspects as well as  beginningless ? and that is only ‘moola avidya’.
Because it appears the scriptures say that there are only six (1countable with 5 ‘uncountables) ‘are beginning-less’, if I am correct, they are 1. Bhramman or the Consciousness, 2. Ishwara Consciousness with total power Maya or the projection power resulting in the appearance of the universe,  3. Moolaavidya or the covering power, Jiva the sensient product’ of all the said  and the Karma or the fuel behind samsara or birth – death  cycle of jiva.

Further, beginninglessness of Jiva has  to be accepted  from our experience that no one can say whether a seed came first or the plant, whether hen or egg came first ? and such other questions. Even in an action of lighting a lamp between two oppositely  kept mirrors produces infinite numbers of images. Which image or better understood as ‘appearance’ came first? The benefit giving  answer is only one and that is accept the Truth that you are the only countable ‘analyser’  and don’t analyse too much  the countless ‘appearances’, but make intelligent use of them to understand this Truth. Having understood  the Truth,  make legitimate use of them for universal welfare! We can make use of the ‘beginninglessness’ of ‘a avidya’ in with    one great advantage that once it is gone, it can never begin!! 

Thus, in addition to dream analysis,  even logical enquiry can lead you through  a clear route  and most importantly ‘You’ the ultimate truth cannot be revealed by logic or science, but, only by the precious scriptures, the most valuable instrument of knowledge.   

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Dear Subbu-ji,

Why this simple & profound meaning couldn't be comprehended by v.advaita & dvaita acharyas ?

What could be the reason for misunderstandings among the scholars?

How beautiful it would have been if all the acharyas stand on a single platform and accept a single / universal philosophy without quarrelling among themselves.

Just thinking aloud ...

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