[Advaita-l] Iswara Darshnama

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Sat Sep 2 09:33:57 EDT 2017

Vishvaruupa darshanam is Iswara darshanam.

Beautiful - Thanks for capturing the beauty of nature in the manifold. This is what is called viswaruupa darshanam or vision of the Lord in manifested forms. I can see this again and again - The expression of the Lord in everything that we see. We should learn to see the Lord not just in the temple but every movement, in every smile, in every flower, and every innocent action that involves love in the heart. IswaraH sarvabhuutanaam hRidyeShErjuna tiShTati, Lord is the very essence of every being as He resides in everyheart. Seeing the Lord everywhere and in every being is really the vision of the Lord or Iswara darshanam and that is the real Viswaruupa Darshnam. 

Lord while describing His glories or vibhuties, at last, gives up - and says in the end of the10th Ch. Geeta,   yadyat vibhuutimatsatvam shreemaduurjita mEva vA| tattat devaavagacchatvam mama tejOmsha sambhavam|| Oh! Arjuna! In short, wherever there is beautiful expression of life itself that invokes beauty and wonder, know that it is part of my glory. In fact, what all you see in only a very small part of myself - viShTabhyaaham idam kRitsnam Ekaashena sthitO jagat||

Watch the video to see the Lord in multitude of forms and beings expressing Himself in smiles.  


Hari Om!


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