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> According to the Law of Karma, any action we do has consequences and
> we are responsible for that consequence. That consequence may be good
> or bad; good consequence will bring us benefit and bad consequence will
> punish us - in a nutshell. Now, my question is: do those actions we do as
> a result of Duty or Dharma fall into this 'Law of Karma' category as i have
> mentioned above?
> Thanks

Even if action is performed as one's duty, if ahankara and craving for
fruit is  not renounced, it will lead to results, albeit good. Only when
action is performed as karma yoga, without ahankara and craving for fruit,
in the manner of dedication to God, the action will come under 'ashukla and
akrishna' as the Yoga sastra says: it will lead to neither punya nor papa.
Such action is conducive to chitta shuddhi and eventually self-knowledge
and liberation.


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