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There are really only two Kartas in the world. Kaama and Krodha. They are
Desire and Anger. The Gita has said -
kama esa krodha esa
mahasano maha-papma
viddhy enam iha vairinam

In the Sandhya Vandana we pray to Kaama and Krodha so we can be free. They
are making us to do actions. That is why we say Naaham Kartaa. I am not the
Doer. Naaham Kaarayitaa. I am not causing another person to do also. Who is
Kartaa and Kaarayitaa? It is Kaama and Krodha known as Manyu. Kaamah Kartaa
Kaamah Kaarayitaa. Manyuh Kartaa Manyuh Kaarayitaa. They are the real
Kartaa and Kaarayitaa.
Sandhya Mantras are these -
कामोऽकार्षीन्नमो नमः । कामोऽकार्शीत्कामः करोति नाहं
करोमि कामः कर्ता
नाहं कर्ता कामः कारयिता नाहं कारयिता एष ते काम
कामाय स्वाहा ॥ १॥

मन्युरकार्षीन्नमो नमः । मन्युरकार्षीन्मन्युः करोति नाहं
करोमि मन्युः कर्ता नाहं कर्ता
मन्युः कारयिता नाहं कारयिता एष ते मन्यो मन्यवे स्वाहा
Someone may argue we are not doing all actions because of Desire and Anger.
What about actions done as our Duty and Dharma? Are we not simply doing
them with no Desire and Anger? No. In those actions also we have a Desire
to follow Dharma. That Desire is causing us to follow Dharma and do those
Dharmic actions. Otherwise we cannot do those actions.
Therefore if all actions are done by Desire and Anger and not by the person
himself how there is Free Will? There is no Free Will.
What about other bad feelings like Lobha, Maatsarya and so on. They may be
there but for actions finally they must end in a Desire to do action. If
some person has Lobha or Greed he will Translate that Greed into Desire for
Money. That Desire will make him to act and get more and more money.

Even in the Mumukshutva there is a Desire for Liberation. That Desire is
making a person to pursue Moksha. When he gets Moksha he will realize there
is really no Bandha and No Moksha. This is showing Desire and Anger are not
Satya. They are Maayaa only. Finally Maayaa is responsible for all actions
of all people. Atma cannot perform actions.

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