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Wed Nov 29 03:04:13 EST 2017

Kartika Vashishta


Sadar Pranam,

I am a disciple of Sri Swami Premananda Ji Maharaj of Rishikesh Divine Life
Society. I read the commentaries on the blessed Upanishads and the Srimad
Bhagvadgita by Sri Swami Krishnananda Ji Maharaj.

Lately I have some questions and doubts and was hoping this list would help
resolve the same.


Kartik Vashishta

Belavadi Shankar

My name is Belavadi Shankar. Presently I live in a Senior Citizen Center near
Jigani, Bengaluru. I just came here about 7 years ago. Previously I was in the
USA for over 45 years. For the last 16 years I have been studying the
Upanishads on my own-except Sat-sang discussion in Dixon, near Chicago.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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