[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** Purandara Dasa song - Tarakka Bindige

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Sat Nov 25 06:01:26 EST 2017


Lovely song by Vidyabhushana -


Lyrics -


Explanation -

This is one more song from Purandara Dasa with inner meaning. On the
surface the singer is asking for a Pot for him to fetch water. But in the
first Carana he is saying it is not ordinary water but water with Raama
Naama Rasa. It is showing the sweetness of Raama Naama. In the second
Carana he is saying the water is having Govinda Guna. In the third Carana
he is saying he will go to Bindu Madhava ghat and fetch water.  In Kashi
there is a very famous Bindu Madhava temple on the banks of Ganga
river. You can take bath in Ganga and have Darshan of the Lord. The Poet
is saying he will get the Ganga water in a Pot and do Abhisheka to that
Bindu Madhava same as Purandara Vithala.

Even today people go to Kashi and bring back Ganga water and give it to a
temple like Rameshwaram to do Abhisheka.



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