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Dear All,


I attended the recently held 'New Research Frontiers' workshop, as a
resource person, organized by Karnataka Samskrita University at Aksharam,
Bangalore. Indeed, I went there to listen to other senior scholars. It is a
highly enriching and refreshing experience.

My congratulations to the team at KSU on conceiving such an idea. The team
consisting Dr. Sivani, Dr. Sivaja and other enthusiastic members was
scholarly guided by Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi and Prof. Veeranarayana
Pandurangi. These two Nyaya scholars are like fire and fuel. The team
members acted like the altar in this *jnana-yajna*. The boarding and
lodging was excellent at Aksharam!

In his thought provoking keynote address, Satavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh​ Ji,
emphasized the importance, contemporaneity and supremacy of ancient Indian
knowledge. Each lecture was followed by a question answer session. Prof.
Ashok Aklujkar Ji, a well known international Sanskrit scholar of repute
enriched the proceedings with his scholarly talks and made his presence
highly valuable all three days.

All the sessions were planned very diligently while giving ample time for
all speakers. The speakers interacted with the participants on the
following themes:

- why manuscript research still carries a significance?
- what are the turning points in Indian literary tradition?
- avenues and new areas for research in Yoga & Ayurveda
- how to conduct research in Astronomy, Mathematics and Chandas?
- situation of Sanskrit research overseas
- interdisciplinary research - key areas
- research in Vrikshayurveda
- how to plan and execute one's research?

The panel discussion deliberated upon crucial issues in Sanskrit research
and made a few resolutions. Hope, Prof. Pandurangi will write soon about
the same. 14 research scholars presented their PhD work being done at
respective Universities. Indeed, this has inspired other participants to
come forward and discuss with their colleagues. During the valedictory,
some participants shared their experience and expressed happiness over the
'quality' of proceedings. Some of them requested KSU to repeat such
workshops for the benefit of scholars, and if possible, to conduct subject
specific workshops. The number of participants touched anywhere around 240.
Even on the 3rd day, I saw people registering, in spite of loosing 2days
lectures. I am told that there were about 25 faculty members amongst the

As much as I know, this 3 day workshop is first of its kind in this
direction. The take home message is, all participants either learned how to
shape their research or how to go ahead confidently in complex situations.

I have these two suggestions to the scholarly duo -

1. Repeat the workshop at least once in a year
2. Conduct these workshops to students of Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan
campuses either collectively or separately.

With regards,

J.S.R. Anjaneya Prasad,
Professor, Dept. of Sanskrit Studies,
School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad,
Prof. C.R. Rao Road, Hyderabad - 500 046
Tel: +91-40-2313 3803
*।। पुरुषोऽयं लोकसम्मितः ।।*

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