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Wed Nov 22 08:46:12 EST 2017

To my understanding, it is clear that according to this Bhashyam, 
>> Hiranyagarbha is NOT a product of panchabhutas.

Hare Krishna

The discussing issue will be much clear if we investigate the origination of Ishwara (sOpAdhika brahma), chaturmukha brahma, hiraNya garbha, virAt purusha, prajApati, prathamaja etc.  as per our shAstra-s.  BTW, do we really have issue here when we already determined that jagat / Ishwara is mere jeeva's avidyA kalpita srushti??  Just wondering.  

Hari hari Hari Bol!!!

>> *TapasA*, through knowledge, by virtue of possessing the knowledge of 
>> the process of creation ; *brahma*, Brahman, the Immutable, the 
>> source of creation--- when desirous of creating this world, like a 
>> seed sending out its sprout ; *cIyate*, increases in size, as a 
>> father procreating a son does out of elation. From that Brahman, thus 
>> become inflated because of Its possession, through Its omniscience, 
>> of the power and knowledge of creation, preservation, and dissolution 
>> ; *abhijayate*, originates ( grows ) *annam*, food ; the word being 
>> derived from the root *ad* in the sense of that which is eaten, i.e. 
>> enjoyed, means the Unmanifested ( MAyA ) that is common to all 
>> creatures. ( That food originates or ) gets evolved into the states 
>> of imminent manifestation. ( Footnote ; The beginningless MAyA is the 
>> unmanifested food ; the Upanishad speaks of its origin in the sense 
>> of its becomimg ready for evolution. Otherwise MAyA has no 
>> beginning). From that Unmanifested, i.e. from that food in a state of 
>> imminent manifestation. ( was born ) *prANaH*, Hiranyagarbha, who is 
>> common (Footnote ; He is the sum total of all the individuals. Being 
>> common to all, He is called Sutra, the thread (running through all). 
>> End of
>> Footnote) to all the beings in the universe that are endued with ( a 
>> part of His ) power of knowledge and action, who sprouts from that 
>> seed of all beings, constituted by ignorance, desire, and action, and 
>> who identifies Himself with he universe ; “was born” this is to be 
>> supplied. From that Hiranyagarbha evolved *manah*, that which is 
>> called the (cosmic) mind, comprising volition, deliberation, doubt, 
>> determination, etc., evolved *satyam*, the five elements, such as 
>> space etc., which are called satya (i.e. the gross, *sat*, and the subtle, *tyat*). >>.
>> To my understanding, it is clear that according to this Bhashyam, 
>> Hiranyagarbha is NOT a product of panchabhutas.
>> I  leave it at this. It is for members to come to their own conclusions.

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