[Advaita-l] Kalika Ashtakam by Adi Shankaracharya

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Listen to the wonderful Stotra on Kaalikaa -


Stotra and translation -


Comment by a listener - Wonderful spiritual song by Sankaracharya.mind
blowing voice of Shruti Viswakarma.
Kaalaikaa's role in Durga Saptashati -
Hearing that the demon Dhumralochana was slain by the Goddess and that the
entire army was destroyed by the lion, Shumbha was furious and he commanded
Chanda and Munda to go with large forces and drag the Devi by her hair and
bring her to him. At the command of the demon king, Chanda and Munda
marched with their armies to win over the Devi and slay her army. When
Ambika saw the fourfold army approaching, she was furious, and from the
fierce frown from her forehead, emerged Kalika, armed with a sword and a
noose, holding a skull topped staff and a garland of skulls around her
neck. Kalika devoured, crushed and pounded the army f the enemy within no
time. The enraged Chanda attacked Devi Kali with arrows, and Munda hurled
thousands of discuses at the Goddess, but all in vain. Devi Kali, in her
fiercest form, mounted the great lion, rushed towards Chanda, seized him by
his hair and severed his head with her sword. Munda met with the same fate.
*The proud Kali presented the slain heads of Chanda and Munda to Ambika,
after the battle of the great sacrifice. The auspicious Ambika, said to
Kali, “As you have brought me both Chanda and Munda, O Devi, you shall now
be famed in the world as Devi Chamunda!”*



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