[Advaita-l] What is Krishna's 'tattva'?

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There is no such thing as your tattva, as that would imply two things - you
and your tattva. Therefore, you are the tattva - the all pervading, non
dual consciousness.

Very pertinent observation that applies to the tat-padam too. In the
Kathopanishat is the expression 'tad vishnoh paramam padam' for which
Shankara has said vishnoh vyaapana shilsya....prakrushtam..satattvam padam.
It is the all-pervading consciousness that is the tattva. A commentator has
said: there are no two entities, Vishnu and his paramam padam here. In is
like raahoh shirah, rahu's head. Rahu is just head and no body. The shashti
vibhakti has no meaning other than conveying identity. So too Vishnu, the
consciousness itself is the supreme Brahman.



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