[Advaita-l] On evidence for and against Yugas of Indian chronology

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That added remark of mine was unnecessary and I regret it. It was intended in another way though I don't want to elaborate on it as it's off topic.
Even though if we assume that our ancestors or Rishis were able to observe these phenomenon but could not explain it as they had not studied Einstein's hypothesis, we have to admit that Raivata and his daughter were able to go to other distant planet/loka in the first place. Even Einstein could not do it. Now how do _we_ explain it? 
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 Dear Aditya Kumar ,
I do not think that any thing that is approved by a white man as correct.That will be stupid. There are fundamentalist christians in USA who ask the government to ban the second law of thermodynamics. They do not understand that a natural law can not be banned by a government and even if their government is stupid enoughto ban it, it will continue to operate.
For the story of Raivata (I think that is the correct word) the explanation given by puranas is the exchange rate of time for different lokas. (One year on earth is equal to one day for devas etc).It is a fixed exchange rate. Time  dilation depends on acceleration of the body moving. A variable quantity.Therefore they are different.
In order to achieve observable time dilatin we have to have vehicles that can produce high accelerations,
Do not take all whiteman's endorsements seriously. Keep a pinch of salt ready.
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 Link : https://www.huffingtonpost. com/louis-a-del-monte/time- travel_b_2972750.html
Link 2 : http://www. nationaldiscoverychannel.com/ 2014/11/einstein-time-travel- and-mahabharata.html
Look even the white man is endorsing it! It's gotta be true........
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Time dilation was recently known, in fact was postulated first. But Dwaipayana knew about it thousands of aeons ago. 

​Can you tell us how you arrived at this conclusion.


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