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Dear Friends,

                       Mantra Moola Gurur Vakyam: There is a story  from Mahabharat, in a deep dense forest there livedtwo bright young boys (amongst many shishyas) named Aaruni & Upamanyu. One day, the Guru called upon Aaruniand asked him to go to the field and repair the mud partition to hold waterfrom being wasted. Aaruni listens his guru’s words, left the place from there, though he tried many ways but when he couldn’t succeed, he lay himself down onthe broken partition and did not let the water flow out. Realizing the day hadpassed and Aaruni hadn’t returned, the Guru curiously called the other shishyasand went to the field with them to look for him.  Listening to his Guru’svoice calling out his name repeatedly, Aaruni got up and stood before his Guruwith his hands joined in reverence and when asked, described the whole incidentto him. After listening to him patiently the Guru said, “Son! Because you lay yourself in place of the partitionand stopped essential water from wastage, you would be called Uddyalak (the partition of mud on afield holding the water from flowing out) from now on, and because youobeyed my word so sincerely may the gyanof all Vedas and shastras enlighten you itself.”

Onanother day, the Guru called upon Upamanyu and asked him to take care of thecows in the ashram. Upamanyu obeyed and started taking care of the cows, movingaround with them the whole day and later every evening he came back and stoodbefore his Guru to pay his salutation. After a few days, the Guru saw him ingood health and asked him “Son! How doyou earn your daily livelihood, the whole day you are not at the ashram?” Upamanyu replied, “Gurudev! I earn mydaily livelihood by asking bhiksha.” Listening to his reply Guru sternlytold him, “Son! Food earned by you through bhiksha should be offered to me first; you should not use it yourself.” “FineGurudev! May the same happen,” said Upamanyu and left.  

The storywill be continued tomorrow as the file size is getting bigger & crossing 50Kb limit and most the the write up’s are bouncing back, couldn't understand the reason.

To the Lotus Feet

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