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> praNAms Sri Chandramouli prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
>  I must perhaps add the following.
> << karma phala ( prarabdha ) does not have the power to negate these
> phalas. >>
> >  Of course, I do agree but just wondering the purpose behind saying :
> labdavrutteH karmaNO baleeyastvAt mukteshvAdipravruttivat.  Yes, there is
> no problem with regard to saNchita and Agaami karma for which clear bhAshya
> vAkya available...but what about prArabdha that is already started giving
> its phala like a shooted arrow??  Does this prArabdha karma phala
> something stronger than samyak jnana??  The answer is seems to be yes,
> since there is a provision to accept avidyA lesha in the jnAni.  Can we say
> prArabdha karma phala is nothing but avidyA lesha or these two are entirely
> different??  As we know the result of the prArabdha karma phala is our /
> jnAni's  current body and corresponding pravrutti of the indriya-s on which
> even jnAni has no control though he has the absolute detachment with the
> firm conviction of akatrutva / abhOktrutva jnana.  But as a result of force
> of the arrow that has already gained force after leaving the bow, hits the
> target in a controversial way ( jnAni's kAma krOdha and resultant actions)
> whom to blame??

Just a thought ..

Since yourself mentioned in the other thread,

>> Both prama-s  would continue to operate in their respective domains
without >> coming in the way of one another.

The domain where the prArabdha is operating, one would necessarily apply
the vivEka, vairAgya, shamAdi ShaTka sampatti that one has practiced
earlier..is it not the case ?

> Outsider will see this is the act of jnAni whereas in reality jnAni is
> neither doer nor enjoyer as a result of his absolute detachment from the
> katrutva/bhOktrutva or is it a result of avidyA lesha / prArabdha karma
> phala on which jnAni has no control!!??  Just I want to take an example
> here : As per prArabdha karma,  a jnAni supposed to kill  his pUrva janma
> shatru, hence got the current body, mind, intellect conducive to carry out
> this act of killing.  So his current janma is like the arrow which has
> already left the bow, if it reaches its goal i.e. jnAni's current body,
> mind intellect even after realizing the svarUpa jnana (samyak jnana)
> hitting the target i.e. killing his enemy  means it is jnAni's prArabdha
> karma phala which is bound to take place irrespective of the jnana.  Is it
> not??  It may be worth noting here, prArabdha karma phala after jnana does
> not mean mere continuation of the body till its physical death, prArabdha
> would also influence his vrutti / pravrutti also (pravruttiH vAn~g mahaH
> kAyAnAM) That pravrutti might be killing his enemy since his prArabdha is
> like that !!  So under the umbrella of prArabdha / avidyA lesha can shAstra
> give cushion to these questionable acts of jnAni ??
> >  Under these circumstances can we say samyak jnana has the power to
> negate these type of questionable prArabdha karma phala-s / shooted arrows
> ??
> >  And again, my doubt still unanswered here...shankara talking all these
> about jnAni on behalf of jnAni-s and jnAni-s mental status after jnana or
> is it for the ajnAni-s who cannot go beyond the body of the jnAni??
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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