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                                                SAMSARA- Part of Karma - Road to Liberation
Dear Friends,                       SAMSARA is unavoidable once you are in Grihastasram as there is no escape, because today our  existence is  due to somebody and we got many things as on today from many people. So we have to give all the things whatever we got to the next generation/needy which they will take the saga forward. This was nicely explained by maha kavi Sri Sri in his poetic works which goes like this. i.e"Nenu saitham prapanchaagniki samithanokkati aahutichchaanu, Nenu saitham vishwa vrushtiki ashruvokkati dhaarapodaanu
Nenu saitham bhvanaghoshaku verrigauthuka vichchi posaanu...Nenu saitham prapanchaagniki samithanokkati aahutichchaanu"
 The Universal FIRE is a combination of fire coming from each one of us individuals like us.It is not so easy to become free oneself from samsara, it can be possible by recognizing its causes & overcoming its influences. Karma is an integral part of Samsara and its  effects which cannot be resolved through intellectual reasoning alone, but through insight and corresponding corretiveaction. There is no Preventive action, it has to occur, it will occur, it is 'Kala Nirnayam". To seek liberation through intellectual reasoning alone is to get lost in one's imagination and lose the capacity to recognize the essence of reality. Samsaric suffering is not a casual issue  as it  originate inter-dependently from the Arishadvarga  i.e  Kama, kodha, lobha, moha, mada & matsarya
Desire  attaches our mind to internal or external objects. Since all objects of desire are transient phenomena which rise and fall in accordance to their nature, our grasping for such objects can never be fulfilled, and those who indulge in desire will always end up disappointed. There is no end of Desire and as well to Samsara..The same concept can be seen afflictively with an inner  view, the root cause of the analytical mind. These views include: the mistaken conclusion that the transitory collectionof the psycho-physical aggregates of 'I' and 'mine' is the result of inherent existence.
Finally my conclusion is that who will make us to cross the samsara is the woman power i.e wife as the durga sapthasathi clearly say that"Patni Manoramam Dehi Manovrittanusarinim |    Tarinim Durga samsara sagarasya Kulodbhawam ||"
  It is the Mother goddess in the form of Bhavatarini, an aspect of Kali, ‘She who liberates Her devotees from the ocean of existence i.e. Saṃsāra‘.
Sriguru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara
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Man has a peculiar disposition. He expects to attain all that his heart desires. He seeks immediate
fulfillment of all that he wishes for. Not understanding the improbability of such outcome,
he gives room for anxiety and anger. It is indeed futile to desire gratification of all expectations
without reflecting upon matters such as karma, or the results obtained in right time according to
karma and the Lord's dispensation of the results.
Nothing happens outside the ambit of time and cause and effect. To understand how the wheel of time
(and destiny) spins, one must have some orientation towards adhyatmic vichara (spiritual enquiry).
One must read at least a few verses of the Bhagavad Gita everyday. If one were to adhere to the path
instructed in the Gita by the Lord, one would be able to remain peaceful. If the blessings of the
Guru are obtained, one becomes eligible to listen to Vedanta. As sadhana (spiritual practice)
intensifies, man is able to control his senses and the stream of desires in him. Contentment dawns
only in a mind that is in control and only such a person can lead a happy life.
This is what our forefathers have advised: 
  yadRRichchhayopapannena santuShTo vartate sukham.h .
  naasantuShTastribhirlaukairajitaatmopasaaditaiH ..
He who feels happy over what is obtained sans expectations, leads a peaceful life. He who has not controlled his senses and mind will not be satisfied even if he becomes the master of all the three worlds. 
Our blessings for all to understand this well.
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