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Dear Friends,                       The essence of greek mythology by Aristotle is based on the deep insight into the working fare, analysing the root cause of deep emotions for suffering, downfall, adversity which will refine the human character. My objective of discussing the other's works here is to understand, how our indian masters take their views & how our hindu dharmic works explains to understand the human subtle nature. Now the Question arises that, How do you address or make sense of tragic events in respective life which has no reason to occur and our actions are not responsible fro that? what will be the root cause of suffering?
Socrates, the great greek mytholgist say that to examine our lives & of those whom we know well and according to him the growth is possible only after the pain has been addressed and endured. Understanding & addressing the difficult philosophical questions leads to intellectual growth. The emotional turmoil of young pupil in the teenages (Bala avastha) leads to the maturity of the adulthood (Grihastasrama) stage.  This will be the basic foundation for the spiritual growth which can gives the strength to bear the pain & suffering. Any tragedy occurs across the time during the life times cultivates the compassion & gratitude.
It appears that the effects of tragedy & suffering are not dependent on the circumstances but they are based on our immediate irrationalsitic, mindless responses to that. Here I have one example, William Shakespeare suffered a lot in his life due to the mental torcher from his wife on daily basis, by that way he could able to write many plays, novels. Most of his works are based on his personal life events and expanded from there as a Drama. Once he said " He was successful in his life due to his wife" which clearly tell us that If some one cross the saga of struggle & understands its root cause, then after that  your start the day by worshipping the problematic person and thats what shakespeare did. He said his success mantra was his wife, with out her & her torcher, he shouldn't have reached that stage and due to that his self was realized for that he was grateful to her.
Applying the adverse challange methods makes the opponents engendered which makes the opening the door for the nobility of heroic struggle against the enemies.
I request learned members how these are addressed by advert/vedanta and how our masters explain these things.
Ackn:Source: TIMES, Speaking Tree, Author: Pradeep Bajpai Kameswara Rao 
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