[Advaita-l] Question/Clarification on Chanting Vaidika mantras

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Tue Nov 7 04:08:12 EST 2017

Namaste Ramkrishananji,

Thanks for the information Ramkrishananji,, but the conclusion remains the
same, neither you can have ekAgni nor sharutAgni in California.


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> ati-rudram is not a shrauta karma, it's ekAgni.
> Rama
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>> Namaste
>>>> Sarmaji,
>> About atirudram in California. It is good they did it but there cannot be
>> any अदृष्टफलम् for it. You may have some दृष्टफलम् mainly in the form of
>> fatigue and back and joint pain OR some kind of satisfaction. I doubt
>> that Sringeri
>> and Kanchi Acharyas allowed it but if they did they may have thought
>> something subtle. But any श्रौत कर्म done outside the आर्यव्रत does not
>> yield अदृष्टफलम्.


*Rajesh Benjwal*

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