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Dear Friends,                        Sri Aurobindo Ghosh (1872-1950),the father of integral yoga is one of the most profound and influentialspiritual philosophers ever to walk the planet.  One of his great works “The Synthesis of Yoga”, his unique, complex  and intricate vision of Yoga, which explains  his integral psychology & philosophy – “All life is Yoga”
'In The ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ Sri Aurobindounfolds his vision of an integral yoga embracing all the powers and activitiesof man. He explains that there are three great yogic paths of Knowledge, Works & Love, along withHatha Yoga, Raja Yoga & Tantra.  He also explains ‘The Yoga of Self-Perfection’& his own unique contribution to the field.”

'The Life Divine' is oriented moretoward the evolutionary unfoldment of Divine life on Earth, 'The Synthesis ofYoga' focuses more on great traditional yogic paths and how it is compared tohis own integral yoga.

The Realization of Sachidananda”Aurobindo, elaborates the “mechanics” of a spiritual practice that enables ayogi to realize Sachidananda i.e En-Light-enedState of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss and he explains a specific detailedmap of how the Descent of Divine Power, the Shakti, transforms a yogi into arealized Self. Sir explained the same to Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

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