[Advaita-l] Incomplete works - What to make of it?

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If you are talking about Padmapada's Panchapadika it is not incomplete work
but rescued work. The story is Padmapada's work on Sutra Bhashya was
destroyed by a fire. But Adi Sankara remembered Panchapadika commentary for
first 4 sutras and dictated it again back to Padmapada. The first 4 Sutras
commentary are the important part and sufficient to give all important
points of the Sutra Bhashya. Nothing is lost.

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> Namaste,
> I am wondering if we can rely on incomplete works to come to a definite
> conclusion. Incomplete works are never a good sign. Specially, how does
> this weigh against works that are completed with proper introduction and
> summary to end. Those familiar with tradition know very well that an author
> seeks the blessing of ishta devata for the intended work to be fruitful. So
> if the work is not completed, should we consider it as an inauspicious sign
> OR works that are wrongly attributed OR any other thoughts?
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