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Dear Friends,                       In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Sage Yagnavalkya said "Verily, my dear Maitreyi, it is the SELF that should be realized—should be heard of, reflected on and meditated upon. By the realization of the Self, my dear—through hearing, reflection and meditation—all this is known. The SELF is very much controlled by the mind. The divine mind arise from heaven and the sun permeates him. That is the divine mind through which he becomes joyful only and grieves no more.
The same teaching  was taught to lord Rama by Sage Vasishta in a different form, which goes like this: The SELF does not rejoice in Pleasure nor does it grieve in Pain. It is the inert mind that dwelling in the body experiences the pain. If the body decays gradually, the SELF is not affected, but we can see our face in our words & others face in other's words.
The Brain will be in agitated state during old age by remembering unpleasant memories. Music works miraculously  to help one forget the unpleasant memories.  The frayed nerves during the old age feel rejuvenated when the music is played.  William Shakespeare says that old age is same the Childhood. Researchers have notices that inmates of old aged homes often quarrel like children due to the existence of their self or just simply remembering their self. The degeneration of nerve cells weakening of neuro responsive system responsible for child's attitude. Brain researchers often say " only half-of the portion is used for our daily thinking & its activated and remaining was not used. If the kundalini raises from mula dhara to sahasrara  then it will make the remaining half of Brain useful for the welfare of the individual/Society based on the will of the Sadhaka. It will be done in disguise form.
Sriguru PadaravindarpanamastuKameswara

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