[Advaita-l] 'Svarūpa nirūpaṇam' - Shankara's work authenticated by Vidyaranya

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'Svarūpa nirūpaṇam' - Shankara's work authenticated by Vidyaranya

In the Taittiriyopaniṣat dīpikā, Swami Vidyaranya cites a verse as having
been cited by Shankara:

..... अहमेको न मे कश्चिन्नाहमन्यस्य ..and says: āchāryaiḥ udāhṛtah ('cited
by the Āchārya')  and does not give the name of the work. The verse is
found in the work 'Svarūpa-nirūpaṇam' as the 25th verse, published by the
Dakshinamurti Maṭha, Varanasi, in the '12 prakaraṇa-s' ['prakaraṇa dvādaśī,
a collection of 12 non-prasthānatraya bhāṣya works with commentaries]. The
verse is also found in Subhashita ratna collection and mahabharata
sūktayaḥ'  [sayings from the Mahabharata]. On a search initiated by my
friend and our member Sri N.E.Venkateswaran, the verse was found in the


12*0459_01 अहमेको न मे कश्चिन्नाहमन्यस्य कस्यचित्

12*0459_02 न तं पश्यामि यस्याहं तं न पश्यामि यो मम

[I am one and there is none belonging to me. Nor do I belong to anyone. I
do not see anyone whose am I; nor do I see anyone who is mine.]

The 'Svarūpa nirūpaṇam' is a short work abounding in Vedānta vichāra and
sādhana. It has 32 verses, two of which are in prose. It has a commentary
by Anandagiri Acharya.

It is heartening to see some of the works of Shankara, Gaudapada, etc. are
cited with authority by Swami Vidyaranya.

Om Tat Sat

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