[Advaita-l] prayAshchitaM for sAvitribhraShTAH

Rajesh Benjwal rbenjwal at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 01:15:07 EDT 2017

hariH om,

I shuklayajurvedAdhyAyI brAhmaNa, a follower of pArAskara gRRihyasUtra. As
per our gRRihyasUtra if a brAhmaNa does not perform yaj~nopavIta saMskAra
at the prescribed time, 16 years for brAhmaNa,  then he has to
perform व्रात्यस्तोम् as a prAyashchita karma. There is no alternative
provided in gRRihyasUtra. There are few rules so you can do certain
other prAyashchita
karma till 23 years old but after that only व्रात्यस्तोम्.

Now there are few brAhmaNas they are interested in learning Veda shAkha but
they are sAvitribhraShTAH and crossed the age limit of 23. We have
connected for व्रात्यस्तोम् to some learned paNDita and the cost is around
7-8 lakh, you have to donate 33 cows also. Which is too much for brAhmaNas who
are still studying.

Is there any other feasible prAyashchita karma for sAvitribhraShTAH which
is possible to perform in this Kaliyuga and which is acceptable


*Rajesh Benjwal*

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