[Advaita-l] CELIBACY - A Rare Life Choice

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Thu Nov 2 19:31:05 EDT 2017

Dear Friends,                     The ability to look with out motive is missing in the world today, butone has to understand very clearly that every body is psychological creature,wanting to assign meaning to everything. Spirituality is not about looking forgod, truth or the ultimate. It is all about enhancing about our perception. MasterBuddha says “one should stop explaining after a certain level as the peopleunderstands from the perception level. Lord Hanuman never looked for anythingin his life & expected any thing from his master Sri Ram. His celibacynature is to teach people how to pass through in difficult times.If one wants to know spirituality, don’t look for any thing, just learnto look.
I have the opinion that to learn to Look, One should have ‘Celibacy(Manasika Brahmacharya), it is a rate life choice. It is an act of commitment madein the muladhara chakra that give up everything to the Master by which existenceexists today. One has to surrender all the materialistic things earned, self,ego, pride, ahamkar, greadyness, possessive ness, all the arishadvarga qualitiesto the lotus feet. Although it looks like that everything is going from ourhand or pulled off from us initially, it is not at all true, reality is something different, for that one has to look within. Let the Master deside ‘whatto do’, what not to do’, let him use or not to use, his choice of will, we willaccept his decision and start looking differently on the 

path of self-realization leads to moksha marga.

Source: TIMES, Author: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


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