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Thank you Sri Jayakumar for the fine post on the continuity of the Self as
against the temporal events.

Kindly give a title like the one I have used, instead of 'Posting from


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> Hari Om & Namaskarams to all.
> As in Sri Dakshinanurthy Sosthra No. 7 begins as  'Balyadishvapi
> Jagradadisu
> tatha .' and in the sosthra no.  '...pragasvapsamiti prabodha samaye yah
> pratyabhijna yate.' there is an unchanging awareness in all the stages of
> one's life and also in all the three states of experiences in a day
> respectively. This impersonal awareness in every one of us or more truly,
> every one of us and everything is in  the  unchanging awareness  as
> superimposition and that unchanging awareness is only the Consciousness or
> 'Bhramman'in totality and 'Atman' from the point of an individual 'Jeeva'.
> Understanding this fact with language knowledge, accepting the fact with
> the
> faith in scriptural teaching  and assimilating this truth with logical
> support and claiming it as oneself through conviction gives the unequal
> benefits of total security, fearlessness and sustained happiness.
> Understanding and acceptance can happen in most of the religious people who
> raise to the level of spiritual seekers. However, from the point of
> enjoying
> the benefits of 'Completeness', Peace and Satisfaction while living can
> happen only through conviction of the fact and claiming the ownership of
> Bhramman as oneself. This is possible  through logical reasoning and for
> this I am giving my views here. The logic I apply  is 'any changing thing
> cannot give rise to an unchanging thing'. A powerful conclusion can be
> derived from this logic that Consciousness cannot be the part, product or
> Property  of the brain or a Phenomenon in the living bodies. Because, the
> frequency of the brain cells or neurons    are sequenced in various slabs
> within  1 to 40. They   are named as delta, theta,alpha,beta and gama
> (bifurcation details available in the internet).and  frequency cannot be
> there without changes in the brain cells. Their frequency should  be zero
> in
> the dead body but, these numerical categorisation have no  much relevant to
> our  discussion as we take only the logical reasoning  in the process or
> 'cause (change in the form of frequency) & effect (unchanging awareness)'
> .
> Therefore, the brain cells with changing nature cannot give rise to the
> changeless awareness whereas, presence of the changeless awareness is quite
> obvious in living beings viz a viz scriptures and experience.
> This logical discussion leads to only one conclusion proving the presence
> of
> unchanging awareness in living beings. And since this does not  belong to
> brain cells,  it can happen only in one way and that is as an expression of
> the all pervading   Consciousness in the brain cells  as the unchanging
> awareness in living beings. In other words, the unchanging awareness   in
> living beings is  the manifestation of Bhramman in suitable media. Once,
> this fact is accepted by the human intellect with logical support, then
> claiming oneself as Bhramman is only liberation and that leads to all the
> sited benefits in this life itself  and breaks the death - rebirth
> 'samsara'
> cycle also !   -
> Regards,
> S K Jayakumar
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