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Jay Kumar saipadukajk at gmail.com
Fri May 26 11:15:18 EDT 2017

Hari Om

I am Jayakumar, a visually challenged 63 year old person from Bangalore,
included in this group. I was told that whatever I post will also come to
me, but, my first posting did not come to me.  As I need some preliminary
assistance (preferably over phone) for posting my views in our group
discussions, as per the instructions, I mailed my request to
'listmaster at advaita-vedanta.org'. I got the reply to post my request also
and that, I can expect someone could  volunteer. Hence this request and my
cell no. is 9916494729.      


Following is my second posting i.e., my response to the query of one of the

There was a posting by Sri G R Viswanath on 25th May, with the subject
'What is the source for this  reference : He writes.)I have this half memory
of a quote instructing the sAdhak not to be surprised by anything that
happens in the world: do not be too surprised if you  should one day see a
man climbing up a column of rain drops to the clouds above.


Does anyone know where this particular imagery/quote is from? And what word
best describes this attitude?


Thanks for entertaining this vague question, GRV "


The above was his posting and my response :

As I have not found any specific reply to the above posting by Sri Viswanath
in our  group discussions, I would respond  as below as it could meet his
query : 

The following work   is attributed to Sri  By Adi Shankaracharya.
in which he describes many such unbelievable, unimaginable and super human
tasks or feats and concludes after every sloka that 'What if he has been
able to perform such a task?
If he is not aware of the knowledge of his own self'.
The name of the work is 'Anathma Sri Vigarhana Prakaranam
[Censure of the one who has not realized his self]




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