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Sri Praveen
It can be argued that almost every school is criticizing the other schools for doctrinal reasons alone. There might be a few exceptions. But that is the general trend. This is not unique to advaita.

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> For your third point, the idea that Vishnu is Ishwara is present in the upanishads (narayana suktam). If it were not present, even Shankara would not have accepted. So the vaishnavas are well justified in calling themselves as vedantins. Shaivas too would be similarly justified.For one, Vishnu being Ishvara in the Upanishad does not lead to conclusion that Vishnu gives mukti. And for another, if you insist that it does and also say that so does Shiva, then the logical explanation would be that they are one and the same or the common basis among them is to be inquired into.gurupAdukAbhyAm,

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Namaste Kalyanji,
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I am not sure how to respond to your post, since I am only putting forward the position of other schools.
​If you can't defend them, they may not be the doctrine. Pls. remember that this is in the context of calling other deities as jIva, etc.

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