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Dear Sir,

Hari Om.

I am S K Jayakumar from Bangalore. I am a 63 year old visually challenged
person, an ex-employee of the present Hindustan Unilever Ltd.,  born and
educated in Coimbatore and settled here. I am a yoga teacher, authorised by
‘SVYASA’, a deemed yoga university, recognised by Govt. of India. More
details of my past and my present activities are in my website ‘
saipaduka.org’. Synopsis of my book ‘Own Your Self & Enjoy Completeness’
alongwith the benefits of our yoga and spiritual studies students can be
seen in the website. The book is based on scriptural studies, supported by
science and logic. It is the outcome of listening of more than 8000 hours
of ‘Prasthahathriya’ and ‘Prakaranagranthas’ (continuously for more than a
decade) of Pujya Swamijy Sri Dhayananda Saraswathi and his senior
disciples. Pujya Swamiji guided me to prepare this manual of Self
knowledge, endorsed it and released the same in the yoga university in a
Chandokya Upanishad camp in 2011. The same has valuble remarks of Swami
Paramarthanandaji of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam and is forwarded by Prof B V
Sreekantan, former director of Tata Institute for Fundamental Research,
Mumbai and commented by Prof. V Krishnamurthy, former deputy director of
BITS Pilani and few others. .

I would like to become a participant of your group wherein I hope can share
and exchange the glory ans practical benefits of  ‘Advaita vedanta’. Kindly
let me know the rules and requirements for the same. It is for the
information of the concerned that since I dont have any eyesight, I
communicate preferably over phone and also through readable computer texts
such as MS word and ‘.TXT’ files.

Thanks & Pranams,


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