[Advaita-l] Shodashopachara during Homa/Havan

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Wed May 24 05:37:17 EDT 2017

In the Tamil aapastamba smaarta tradition, there is no ShoDashopacAra pUjA
for Agni in agnimukham. In the case of certain homes such as navagraha
homam, the navagraha and other devatas are invoked in a kalasha, placed
usually north of the vedi. The ShoDashopacAra pUjA and punaH pUjA are for
the kalasham only.

Which tradition is this?


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> Request members to clarify the following question I have.
> During any homa, after invoking the devata in the Agni, we do a quick
> shodashopachara.
> My question is whether the akshata and pushpa used for avahana, simhasana,
> vastra, yajnopavita, Pushpak Hans etc should be offered into the fire or in
> front of the Vedi ?
> I've seen both practices, hence the question.
> Any pramanas/shistachara references would also be appreciated.
> Warm regards
> Venkateswaran
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