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//Here lies the greatness of we advaitins that we never criticise any path and take everyone in our own stride and move on....//

Sri Venkata Sriram, Shankara has criticized mimamsa, nyaya, samkhya, yoga, vaiseshika, bauddha, jaina, pashupata, pancaratra, carvaka philosophers in his commentaries. To say that advaitins do not criticize anybody is far removed from reality.

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Appayya Dikshitha probably has not studied the entire Mahabharata. 
In Shanti parvan, when Vishnu shows his Vishwaroopa to Narada


Those who are making furore over the मन्दत्व of अप्पय दीक्षितः, why don't they raise
objections to the remark of वेदान्त देशिकः when he makes a remark against दक्षिणामुर्तिः
vide shloka no. 7 of his हयग्रीव स्तोत्रं :  

दाक्षिण्यरम्या गिरिशस्य मूर्तिः देवी सरोजासन धर्मपत्नी ।
व्यासादयोऽपि व्यपदेश्यवाचः स्फुरन्ति सर्वे तव शक्तिलेशैः ॥ ७॥

"the pretty south-faced Ishwara (dakshinamurti), Devi Saraswati and Bhagavan Badarayana -
all three draw their power of Knowledge from Lord Hayagriva"

Granted that these compositions show one's devotion to personal deity but is it not blasphemous 
to say that the Dakshinamurti who taught the essence of vedanta to great brahmanishtaas thru
silence draws His knowledge thru Hayagriva.  The greatness of dakshinamurti is stated in Bhagavata Purana
itself in 4th chapter.  Having seated in 'mahAyOga' rUpa 'vaTavrikSa', demonstrates the 'chinmudra' and dispels
the doubts to sages.

Now, should we advaitins conclude that Vedanta Desika didn't study any shastras and was
ignorant of the dakshinamurti-tattva?  Certainly not.  Here lies the greatness of we advaitins 
that we never criticise any path and take everyone in our own stride and move on....

Advaitins are broad-minded and that is why it has become more popular and 
more acceptable today by great logicians and philanthropists.  


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