[Advaita-l] Sri Mani Dravida Shastri - Talks

Sriram Sankaranarayanan ssriram1992 at icloud.com
Tue May 23 11:03:05 EDT 2017

Namaskarams to everybody,

Over the past few days, I listened to some of the talks by Sri Mani Dravida
Shastri on youtube and I was thoroughly impressed. But there are very few
talks in youtube which are in Tamil/English or Sanskrit, while most are in

If somebody has other location (mediafire, dropbox etc) where I can listen
to more of his talks, please can you share the link? Alternatively, if you
have the files in your computer, I can also email you in person, so that
you can attach the files to me, or upload directly into my dropbox.

Thank you in anticipation!

Kind regards,

Hamsah Soham

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