[Advaita-l] The deniability of perception

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Madhva has given a foolish and childish meaning for 'Vasante Vasante
Jyotisha Yajeta'. According to Poorva Meemaamsaa this is asking
Brahmins to do Jyotishtoma Yaaga every Spring that is Vasanta Rutu.

But  Madhva is giving a wonderful but wrong meaning. He is splitting
Vasante as Vasan and ti and making it a Sambodhana Vibhakti of joined
word Vasanti. Then he is saying Jyotishaa Yajeta is not correct but it
is Jyotisha Ayajeta. Even the two words Jyotisha and Ayajeta have
become Sambodhana for God in Madhva's hands. Very brilliant but it is
against every Poorva Meemaamsaa writer.

Sri Appayya is showing many Maryaadaa Ullanghana examples like this in
Madhva Mukha Mardana.

If Kumarila Bhatta was alive when Madhva wrote all this he would  have
burnt alive himself out of anger. He did not need any outside fuel and
fire to burn himself.

Kumarila showed example of Prayascitta for Guru Droha by getting burnt
alive but Madhva did not follow even that after Guru Droha. He
followed nothing in Vaidika Meemaamsa tradition.

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>> Namaste
>> Appayya Diksita has very rightly said of Madhva -
>> Poorva-Meemamsaa-Maryaadaa Api Asaamanjasyenaiva Neetaa. He has only
>> confused people instead of convincing them and breaking all rules of
>> Purva Meemaamsaa.
> Ah.....that must be mere perception of Dikshita and hence not true at all.
> If he have it other way and insist for its truthfulness, then his own
> maryAda is at stake as far as his compliance with advaita's/Madhusudhana's
> stand on perception, which is incidentally title of this thread!
> /sv



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