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> Dear Kalyan ji,
> While kindly advising you to refrain from ad hominem (attacking the arguing
> person rather than the argument) I would like to answer  you.
> Please read the link sent by Sri Subramaniam ji. Appayya Dikshita is indeed
> saying that "if you can pick individual phrases from Ramayana Mahabharata
> etc and claim Shiva is Jeeva, it is not difficult to pick isolated phrases,
> or even chapters to show Rama and Krishna are jeeva. He just showed that
> with clever choice of selecting stanzas, even the counter argument can be
> implied. All that Sri  Appayya Dikshita claims finally is Hari-Hara abheda.
> It is the same paramatma who is brahma, shiva, Hari or Indra.
> "Sa brahma sa shiva sa hari saendra "

Very aptly summarized. It is a poor reading of Appayya Dikshita that
results in such hilarious conclusions as revealed in Sri Kalyan's posts.
About "Sa brahma sa shiva sa hari saendra " Shankara in the Vishnu Sahasra
Nama bhashya, citing the Kaivalyopanishad says: it is abhedopadesha: a
teaching of non-difference.


> On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 3:33 PM Kalyan via Advaita-l <
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> > I have touched upon only Rama. The idea that the Mahabharata considers
> > Krishna as not Ishwara, is not even worth refuting. It is hilarious. At
> so
> > many places in the Mahabharata is Krishna described as Ishwara, that it
> is
> > pointless to list them all. Appayya Dikshita ultimately comes out as a
> very
> > poor reader of the great epic.
> >
> > Regards
> > Kalyan
> >
> >

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