[Advaita-l] Place of Origin of Mandana and Vacaspati

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Namaste Sri Niranjan ji,

Not sure about Mandana Misra, but was aware of an argument for Vacaspati
Misra living in Mithila, so mentioning that here.

In the last verse of the Bhamati, Sri Vacaspati Misra refers to having
written the work under one king, Nrga. Professor Surendranath Dasgupta says
that no one has been able to trace who this king may be. However, in the
introduction to the translation of Samkhya tattva kaumudi, Mahamahopadhyaya
Ganganath Jha opines that this refers to a predecessor of Nanyadeva of
Mithila, called KirAtAdhipati - the rationale stated is that KirAtAs are
well known to be those who had human vehicles, explaining the use of the
word "nrga" by Acharya Vacaspati. On this basis, he argues that the Acharya
was from Mithila.


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> Dear List,
> Might somebody shed light on the place of origin of Mandana Mishra and
> Vacaspati Mishra (as one of our students hailing from Mithilanchal feels
> that both of them come from that region)?
> With sincere regards,Niranjan Saha
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