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Dear Friends,
   In what way  it is going to help/benefit one by knowing whether Rama and Krishna are Jivas or Avatars or gods? Is it the goal of the study of Vedanta / Upanishads?  Is it not a waste of time and energy to go on discussing such fruitless subjects? Instead of such discussions is it not much better to devote and energy to know one's true Atmasvarupa? Please ponder over and think about it.
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In the short work 'Bhārata sāraga sangraha stotram', Sri Appayya Dikshita
concludes by pointing out that Rama and Krishna were jiva-s, endowed with
karma, delusion, etc. on the authority of the Mahabharata:

गोप्तारं ततो गच्छेत् सरव्यास्तीर्थमुत्तमम् ।
तत्र रामो गतः स्वर्गं सभृत्यबलवाहनः ॥
देहं त्यक्त्वा दिवं यातः स्थास्यतीन्द्रस्य वैभवात् ।’

[Rama went to svarga along with his retinue, after giving up the body, and
remains there with Indra's lordship.]

इति गोप्रतारतीर्थमहिम्ना श्रीरामस्य स्वर्गप्रतिष्ठावचनात्; सभापर्वणि
यमसभावर्णने -

Having thus proclaimed the greatness of Go-pratāra, Sri Rama's settlement
in Svarga, the sabhā parvan of the Mahabharata while describing the
Assembly Hall of Yama further says:

तस्यां राजर्षयः पुण्यास्तथा देवर्षयोऽमराः ।
यमं वैवस्वतं तात प्रहृष्टाः पर्युपासते ॥
ययातिर्नहुषः पूरुर्मान्धाता सोमको नृगः ।

  इत्यारभ्य  स्वर्गप्राप्त्यनन्तरं यमसभायामास्थाय तमुपासीनानां राजर्षीणां
परिगणनेन, ’रामो दाशरथिश्चैव लक्षमणश्च प्रतर्दनः’ इति परिगणनेन च सोऽपि
कर्माधीनलोकप्राप्तिको जीवविशेषः स्यात् ।

In the Assembly Hall of Yama are present: Rajarshi-s with puṇya,
devarshi-s, deva-s, who happily meditate upon Yama. Also are Yayati,
Nahusha, Puru, Māndhāta, Somaka, Nṛga. Having enumerated those present in
the Assembly and meditating Yama, the Mahabharata includes: Rāma the son of
Dasharatha, Lakshmana and Pratardana. By so counting Rama along with all
other entities, it can be concluded that Rama is a jiva who has attained a
loka that is subject to and attainable by karma.

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