[Advaita-l] Evidence for Hari-Hara worship in early 13CE

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Here is a post that appeared in the Advaitin forum (see below) and my
response to it :

Thank you Sri Sada ji for the response and the references.  It only
confirms that early Advaitins had no vision of difference between Hari and


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   - kuntimaddi sadananda
   May 13 5:09 AM
   Subbuji - PraNAms

   Tikkana somayaji , a telugu poet who translated major part of
   Mahabharata into telugu does invocation to  Hari Hari . He is supposed to
   be early 13th Century, if my memory is correct. The first famous poet in
   Telugu is Nannaya who is around 11th century. He translated only first two
    and half pervas of Mahabhararad. Tikkana translated from 3rd on the rest
   while Yellapraggada translated the remaining half of the second perva.

   Tikkana was a Hari Hara bhakta and- He says when he was a child he
   composed a sloka that says:

   kim astimaalaam kim koustubam vaa
   pariShkriyaayaam bahumanya setvam|
   kim kaalakuuTaH kim yasodaastanyam
   tava sadhuvada priya me||

   Oh! Hari Hara! Do you really want to decorate yourself with garland of
   bones or with koustubham maNi - Please clear my doubt, Also do you prefer
   to drink kaalakuta poison or mother yasoda's milk - Please let me know.

   His Mahabharata starts with sloka - shreeyana gourinaa baragu ... where
   he equates Shree- lakshmi and Gouri - Parvati as one and the same.

   Hari Om!


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>  Namaste
> Evidence for Hari-Hara worship in early 13CE
> In the following URL an article on the above topic is available for
> download:


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